Oil Frienn

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Frienn is completely free from palm oil. It contains only high oleic oil sunflower oil, which is naturally more rich in oleic acid (80%) than common sunflower oil (25%). In addition, antioxidants and vitamin E make the oil particularly suitable for healthy eating, such as the Mediterranean diet.
Resistant to high temperatures

The greater presence of oleic acid and the addition of antioxidants, partly extracted from rosemary, give Frienn a high stability at high temperatures. In addition, its smoking point is one of the tallest of the oils on the market.

Frienn has a high oxidative stability, donated by its innovative formulation: the prevalence of monounsaturated fats in high oleic sunflower oil and the presence of antioxidants.
Fried crunchy and dry light taste

The innovative Frienn formulation, based on high oleic oil sunflower oil, tocopherol and rosemary extract, gives Frienn stability in cooking for light-weight fries.
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